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Management Programme
Management Programme
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Our know-how

The Program Management community brings together a multidisciplinary multi-sector team, experienced in all aspects of project & programme management. We are part of a regular exchanges and capitalisation machanism, as methods and tools are being fully transformed.


As a transversal community by design, it covers all TNP clients in every sector: Retail Banking, CIB, Insurance, WAS (Wealth & Asset Services), Industry & Services.


In a market whose transformation is accelerating, an effective operational management of projects and programmes is essential. The teams of our customers have to be involved in this management whether it is in terms of governance or methods and tools.



We view project and programme management as the best combination of governance, methods and tools but more particularly of very operational experiences.

Who says experiences says sharing; the community should not reinvent the wheel but collectively enrich community-led initiatives.


Using our know-how and accelerators, we are committed to offer a tailor-made consulting to our clients by adapting to their context, methods and tools. We pay particular attention to the good integration of our consultants within the project or program organisation, which must function as a single team.


Our teams are experienced on traditional V-cycle methods as well as on Agile methods. However, we apply them with a great deal of pragmatism, since the recipe for success often comes from a clever mix of these two methods.

We see these different methods as toolboxes that are to be used according to the context, the culture and the typologies of projects and programmes of our customers.


Te team is composed of about fifty people and each member has a very operational experience of project or programme management in different contexts of sizes or sectors. All members of the community are operationally engaged: we are, above all, consultants serving our clients.

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We strive to bring the maximum value to our customers, particularly on monitoring missions. It is why we see these missions as real operational assistance to the project managers. Beyond monitoring missions, our conviction is that all the missions must be carried out in project mode. That's why all our teams have this DNA.


Our project and program management consulting community aims at continuing its strong growth around two complementary axes: the certification programmes of our consultants and the reinvention of the methods and tools of tomorrow.

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