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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence
Operational Excellence
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Our know-how

TNP has a proven experience and methodology in Operational Excellence.

We achieve outstanding results for our clients and their executives that make business history by drastically improving their competitiveness, increasing the market value, reducing costs, reducing inventory, accelerating growth, and enhancing agility and flexibility.



Our customers come from all sectors of activity addressed by TNP. Our consulting firm supports all areas of Operational Excellence (marketing and sales, development and innovation, procurement, product/service production, supply chain, support function), with an emphasis on a cross-functional approach to performance issues.



Every CEO may face the following challenges:

  • How can we improve profitability and reduce WCR to finance growth?
  • How can we reduce operational costs to be more competitive in the context of globalization?
  • How can we focus our company on maximum added value for customers and eliminate unproductive jobs?
  • How can we be more reactive and agile to deal with challenges of new technologies and robotization?
  • How can we reduce the time to market of products and services?




Our methodology includes more than 500 drivers that have been recognized by our clients in all areas: management, methods, technology and human resources. Our outstanding knowledge of the available leverages enable us to challenge our clients' teams to define and set ambitious and realistic targets to be reached but also robust and controlled paths.


At TNP, we do not sell concepts but tangible results to which we commit. Our missions aim to produce profound, relevant and sustainable change, and this well beyond our interventions.


The main specificity of TNP is to support the operational implementation until the objectives are achieved. Many firms produce a complete report of issues and leave the implementation to the company: the results do not up meet the expectations. Others drive improvements but do not achieve any real cost reduction or revenue increase. Few firms like TNP deliver remarkable results through operational support that goes well beyond project management, which is fundamental in capturing savings.


Our in-depth knowledge of the company's sectors and functions enables us to quickly grasp our clients' issues. We obtain exemplary and lasting results thanks to the implementation of our methodology, totally proven thanks to 25 years of experience, associated with the implementation of technological solutions on the market (dematerialization, RPA, RDA, machine learning, artificial intelligence...). It's this combination of know-how that our customers appreciate!



It is very difficult to blend all these skills in one person. We therefore encourage a mix of profiles, with strong appetence for management, business, people or technology. Collaboration allows us also to enrich one another.


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In order to be at the forefront, our management and Operational Excellence consulting firm maintains a strong culture of watch and continuous training of our consultants, for example Lean Six Sigma, through the course provided by CentraleSupélec, a major French technology school. We maintain regular, independent exchanges with an ecosystem of start-ups and software providers, which enables us to offer our clients global, packaged solutions



We reinvent our approaches every day, that's what drives us. And we don't hesitate to test new technologies as part of our job as a consultant!

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