Since 2007, TNP, the first hybrid and independent consulting firm, has been involved in the implementation of transformation programs for major groups in retail and investment banking, insurance and social protection, the public sector & health, energy and utilities, transport and logistics and retail.



Evolution and disruption, the firm brings its expertise and know-how in the design and implementation of operational models to boost the performance of companies and enable them to create ever more added value in the following fields:

  • Digital transformation
  • Information systems
  • Risk Management and Regulation
  • Process performance
  • Management of large programs
  • Choice of business solutions, financial risk management

With an identity based on hybridization, involvement, independence and trust, the firm has 580 consultants around the world to support companies today in the transformations of tomorrow.




The perfect balance between knowing and doing. TNP is a hybrid vision of the consulting business, i.e. the ability to bring together business know-how and technological innovation. Knowing and being able to work, with the operational reality of projects in mind, is an essential asset when it comes to meeting the strategic challenges of transformation in the service of performance.



The investment of the teams. The seniority of our teams guarantees the expertise, the quality of the interventions, the contribution of entrepreneurial and professional values, as well as the supervision of the consultants. The partners are present and active throughout the projects at the clients' sites. Not only when the contract is signed.

Commitment to results. TNP Consultants takes an active part in the success of the transformation project by committing to the expected results.



TNP is an independent company, 100% owned by the partners who are operationally involved in the life of the company and in client projects. This economic independence allows our consulting firm to act and evolve freely, to take advantage of opportunities that arise and to provide its clients with fair, pragmatic and adapted advice.



As important as expertise and technique are, the success of projects depends mostly on the people who carry them out.

Sponsor confidence. The firm's historical clients are the firm's engine of growth by renewing their requests for assistance. And everyone knows it: a satisfied client always recommends his provider. TNP's clients are therefore it's best ambassadors.

Confidence of the employees. To ensure that involvement, the firm's founding principle, is at work throughout the consultants' assignments, the firm must ensure that its employees have favorable working conditions. TNP, "the best place to work"? Yes, according to the interested parties, since the firm is officially part of the list of companies with less than 500 employees where it is good to work!