Data, GDPR & cybersecurity

Support public & private organizations, in France and worldwide, in the compliance of their data processing, the security of their information & the use of their data.

Data is at the heart of the challenges facing organizations: compliance, security, operations, valuation. It is a strategic subject that must be approached in a holistic way. The GDPR obliges organizations to set up a certain number of processes to guarantee compliance with data protection rules. This is a first step.

The digital transformation of companies is leading to an increase in the risk of non-compliance with the multiple data-related regulations around the world and cyber risks.

#Your challenges

Manage data compliance and security risks to support large-scale data exploitation:

  • Moving from POC to the industrialization of use cases around data
  • Reconcile business needs with regulatory and safety requirements
  • Take advantage of the GDPR and the regulation to structure your processes and your governance
  • Guarantee the security of your data to protect your assets and your customers
  • Integrate data protection and security by design and by default throughout the data life cycle (Security & Privacy by Design)
  • Anticipate and take into consideration the requirements related to the various regulations applicable to data
  • Develop a responsible culture of data use in the company: compliance, ethics, and security
  • Find the right software solutions that will allow you to industrialize and automate the management of your compliance.

#Our assets

TNP’s Data, GDPR & Cybersecurity team has major assets to support you:

  • An expertise of data regulations around the world
  • Years of operational experience as DPO, GDPR auditors, data protection consultants
  • A team, complementary expertise: legal, cybersecurity, DPO, data science
  • Significant missions in the fields of insurance, banking, luxury, research/health, public sector, retail, energy…
  • A proven ability in the compliance of CIOs
  • A free, independent vision and recognized expertise on the technologies to be implemented
  • TNP’s benchmarks and accelerators forged through hundreds of consulting missions with compliance departments, DPOs and CIOs
  • Commitment to results and culture of systematic measurement
  • A regional and international presence (Lyon, Marseille, Germany, Italy, Morocco, India)

“To guarantee the success of Data projects, it is necessary to both anticipate the evolution of regulations, and support the change implied by the implementation of a culture of Privacy & security by design”

White paper TNP “Le digital au service du green sauvera-t-il notre économie ?”

Florence BONNET

Partner & expert in data protection

Our main missions

Contracts, security guarantees & transfers outside the EU

Within the framework of the implementation of GDPR, an insurance company asked TNP to assist them in the compliance of their personal data processing. This 4-year project involved 4 entities and mobilized 14 TNP experts. Main achievements: supplier audit, training, DPIA, Transfer Impacts Assessment (post SchremsII), GDPR governance, Privacy by Design.

What made the difference

Our expertise and our perfect knowledge of the regulations.

Implementation tool of the registry management & cookies

An international cosmetics and apparel retailer entrusted TNP with the selection of a tool to manage the cookies deposited on the group’s websites and its implementation, the updating of all deposited cookies, the configuration & deployment of the registry/AIPD software tool, and user training.

What made the difference

Our dual competence in GDPR/privacy and OneTrust, our expertise in project management.

Compliance: external DPO & interim DPO

About ten entities of a luxury group operating in the jewelry, hotel, luggage, duty-free shops, online sales and wine sectors have entrusted TNP to conduct GDPR audits, compliance assistance missions and external and interim DPO missions.

What made the difference

Our expertise recognized on the market as an “end to end” player in data protection, our ability to advise our client on IT, legal (EU, Asia, Americas, Middle East), security, Privacy by Design.

Expertise & security support / risk analysis

An international player in the food sector called on our teams to provide its expertise and support on the GDPR risk and security analysis aspects alongside the group’s security team, in particular the CISO. The scope of the mission included all entities subject to GDPR requirements.

What made the difference

Our ability to manage the entire impact analysis (instruction, risk analysis, drafting and validation with key players) and our expertise in governance and security.


Ralf Winckler Managing Director

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