Digital transformation

Supporting general, digital, sales, marketing, operational and IT departments in their digital transformation

Our Digital Transformation team is made up of passionate men and women: passionate about technology, business transformation and the Human.

Our goals:

  • Make the customer a brand ambassador
  • Optimize interactions between employees and employers and lift barriers between entities within the company
  • Deliver innovative products and services in an industrial and customized way
  • Provide a solid and suitable methodological and management framework to secure the digital transformation
  • Promote CIOs by deploying by their side the digital business platforms of today and tomorrow.

#Our challenges

Our customers, with very different levels of digital maturity, are faced with the arrival of new competitors, the shortening of sales and production cycles, the loss of certain points of reference in customer relations and the dissatisfaction of collaborators in their internal careers.

We support our clients to meet these challenges:

  • Invent and implement the customer and employee journeys of tomorrow;
  • Support the choice of solution and its implementation;
  • Bridge the gap between regulatory, operational and financial constraints in a digital approach;
  • Adapt the governance model to allow the coexistence of traditional & digital IS.

#Our assets

Three words to summarize our assets:

  • Hybrid: our team is a clever mix of grey matter, technophiles and operational staff.
  • Committed: our common goal is the result for our customer. We are committed transformers, working in small teams of experts, oriented towards value and delivered results. In short, we are not factories that charge for man-days, we are fully committed to results.
  • Independence: we have a strong expertise of the main market platforms and we choose our solutions only according to the needs of your transformation project.

Our main missions

Customer service improvement

TNP helped a leading logistics company to streamline the management of its customers’ requests. A ticket management solution was implemented in order to digitalize processes and improve the customer experience.

What made the difference

Our Salesforce expertise, our ability to manage projects in Agile mode and our personalized support on technical and organizational aspects. 

Smart Automation

TNP supports a leader in the insurance sector in the implementation of a Smart Automation center of excellence and in the automation of a hundred robots over two years.

What made the difference

Our pragmatic approach to robot optimization and our robust and agile methodology.

Management of the digitalization of maintenance

A leader in the transport industry entrusted TNP with the management of its maintenance digitalization program, covering a scope of some twenty digital projects. The preparation of the program launch allowed to define the operating modes, management & animation methods and the program trajectory.

What made the difference

Our expertise in managing digital project portfolios allowed us to achieve a launch within three months.

Unified request & incident management solution

A postal service provider approached TNP to implement a SaaS solution to meet the needs of automating its collaborators’ demand and incident management processes

What made the difference

Our in-depth knowledge of ServiceNow’s tool and the use of a Lean method for the definition of target processes.

“Digitalization for us is about bringing digital services that can turn into new services for our customers.”

Tanguy POLET

Director of the Customer and Digital Transformation Division, SWISS LIFE FRANCE


Ralf Winckler Managing Director

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