Looking for your dream job?


Looking for your dream job?

TNP, Let’s Harness the Unpredictable

Since 2007, TNP’s mission has been to support hundreds of companies, governmental organizations, and investment funds by confidently guiding their business and digital transformations and crafting robust strategies for controlled technological evolution, fostering trust every step of the way.​

We transform each disruptive element into dynamics beneficial to our clients, providing high-value and high-impact consulting on their activities.​

TNP, Career Accelerator

#TOGETHER: Building The Future

Join a team that combines high standards and personal development
an ambitious corporate project that combines the economic and human challenges of organizations. It’s also a unique opportunity to develop yourself
in the stimulating environment of a fast-growing consulting firm!

#TOGETHER: Developing High-intensity Projects

Joining TNP is a unique opportunity for you to give the best of ourselves.