Retail banking

Supporting all the management of traditional banks, online banks, Fintech & neobanks and specialized banks.

Our Retail Banking team is a multidisciplinary team of banking professionals and consultants, mobilized to meet our clients’ challenges and accelerate their digital, operational and regulatory transformations.

We work with all departments, including marketing, digital, IT, operations, risk, compliance and finance in traditional banks, neo-banks and fintechs.


#Your challenges

  • Define the uses and customer paths associated with the new banking services (internal or with the help of external players)
  • Develop business approaches for all markets, in particular by strengthening the service offer on the pro and corporate markets
  • Initiate operational excellence initiatives in all of the bank’s functions: distribution, banking sector, risk, finance, compliance, IT
  • Facing the arrival of new competitors
  • Efficiently frame and manage your business and IS transformation programs

#Our assets

  • A proven ability to support our customers from the upstream phases to implementation, by integrating all dimensions: business, IT, Human
  • A mastery of banking processes, in a global front to back vision
  • An expertise in the use of technology to serve the business: Core Banking, Fintechs / Regtech, AI / Data, RPA, …
  • Study and project approaches that integrate best practices (Agile, Design Thinking) and an ability to support you in their adoption
  • TNP’s accelerators based on a capitalization of more than 300 missions

“The diversity of expertise on the retail banking team allows everyone to contribute to a variety of high-impact digital missions.“.

Marie Bisson

Senior consultant

Our key missions

Strategic plan framing

A French bank entrusted TNP with framing its 2021-2024 roadmap for the business and IS components: identification of business challenges, development of the project plan and cost evaluation, definition of governance, deployment and change strategy.

What made the difference

Our mastery of the banking issues of tomorrow and their IT declination, our ability to frame a very complex transformation in a short period of time and to pilot it after the framing.

Digital biometric onboarding (1st in France)

A French bank entrusted TNP with the framing and implementation of the digitization of the customer relationship entry process: definition of customer paths, exploitation of disruptive technologies (RAD/LAD, Biometric KYC), development of the ACPR file.

What made the difference

Our ability to define an innovative process integrating all banking constraints (job, regulatory and technological) and to be able to commit to a very ambitious time to market.

Launch of a full digital bank

As part of the creation of a new 100% digital bank, TNP was asked to define the processes and provide support for the change (internal and external).

What made the difference

Our expertise in banking processes, our know-how in change management.

Management of the deployment of a global banking software system

TNP has supported several of its clients in the end-to-end management of their banking solution deployment projects, from the initialization phase to start-up, covering all dimensions (functional, application architecture, data, flow, etc.).

What made the difference

The mobilization of a team expert in the implementation of CBS, with a proven know-how in management and with a double IT & business competence.

“L’entreprise capable de libérer la créativité & la force d’innovation de ses équipes sera fondamentalement mieux armée pour accompagner ses clients dans un contexte changeant“

Extrait livre blanc TNP “L’entreprise agile, humaine et performante”


Directeur général délégué, Société Générale 


Julien Dugué Partner
Ilhan Gendron Directeur associé
Aqil Pierali Directeur associé

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