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Working alongside industry and service providers performance improvement.

TNP is committed to working alongside its clients in the industry and services sector by mastering all the levers of transformation: digitalization, data valorization, operational best practices, carbon impact reduction, international development, etc.

This transformation is possible because TNP, a consulting firm, has experts in each of the major sectors of Industry & Services:

  • Automotive
  • Luxury & Retail
  • Pharmacy & Healthcare
  • Aeronautic & Defense
  • Energy & Utilities

Our presence in Europe, Africa and Asia allows us to quickly pilot and deploy transformation projects anywhere in the world and thus support our clients’ international development.

#Your challenges

Faced with the digital revolution, the health crisis, the Green revolution and growing internationalization, our clients ask TNP to support them in their most complex transformations:

  • Steering the sector’s major transformation programs: digital, data, ecological;
  • Improving the Top Line with better commercial efficiency, dynamic pricing, implementation of hybrid e-commerce and network distribution schemes;
  • Transforming the customer experience: listening to customer demand on the web and social networks, mastering service commitments, simplifying the customer path;
  • Implementing operational best practices: R&D, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, G&A;
  • Having a 360° vision of the company’s competitive positioning according to the following dimensions: costs, productivity, organization and value creation.

#Our assets

  • A mastery of the operational processes of multiple industrial sectors
  • A proven ability in the definition of new digital operational models
  • A mastery of environmental issues and the tools to be set up for the ecological transition
  • TNP’s benchmarks and accelerators forged through more than 300 consulting missions and equipped with advanced technologies
  • A commitment to results and a systematic culture of measurement
  • Internalization of all business and technology skills to respond quickly to your expectations and implement value-creating organizations and solutions
  • Independence from solution providers or services suppliers

“TNP is expanding in Europe to lead large transformation projects for our multinational clients, while keeping its hybrid, business & technology DNA!“

Giulia Abello

Director TNP Italia

Our key missions

Implementation of the dynamic pricing

TNP is supporting a global food ingredients company in transforming its pricing model and changing business processes with a focus on e-commerce.

What made the difference

The development of a machine learning solution with decision support tools for commercial management.

Assistance in steering a supply chain transformation program

TNP is leading all the actions supporting the supply chain revolution for a luxury leader: transport, warehouses, IT, change management and ecological transition.

What made the difference

Having a strong supply chain skills in France and in Italy.

Improving forecasts by following social networks

TNP built a solution for a leading European cosmetics company to track trends by product and build a new sales forecasting model.

What made the difference

Having copied and analyzed over 2 million comments on social networks about our client and its products.

Reorganization of the customer service

For a European industrial leader, TNP studied the transformation of its customer service by centralizing certain functions, increasing automation and outsourcing part of the activities.

What made the difference

Know how to simultaneously carry out Purchasing, organization and automation actions for an overall benefit.

“Aujourd’hui nous travaillons sur la robotisation et sur la Data pour gérer les flux de marchandises“

Extrait CIO Radio




Damien Ferraro Partner
Matthieu Lebeurre Partner
Guillaume Kerbrat Associated Director

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