Our expertise:

Manufacturers, equipment suppliers, distributors, logisticians… Our automotive consultancy assists you in enhancing your performance by merging management consultancy expertise with digital transformation proficiency.

#Your Challenge

  • As an automotive consultancy, we execute transformation plans within complex matrix organizations.
  • We expedite the introduction of new technologies (Battery Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles) to fulfill regulatory mandates and market expectations.
  • We anticipate European regulatory shifts.
  • We aim to become a profitable, integrated Mobility as a Service (MAAS) provider.
  • We strive to minimize Research and Development (R&D), Selling, General, and Administrative (SG&A), as well as marketing expenditures to counteract competition from emerging players.
  • We mitigate risks through robust procurement strategies and an extended supply chain.
  • We digitize sales channels and revamp our network

#Our Assets

  • Notre vision globale des enjeux : connaissance de l’ensemble de la chaine de valeur, depuis les équipementiers jusqu’aux réseaux de distribution et aux captives financières
  • Notre expérience dans la gestion de programmes complexes (fusions opérationnelles, carve-out…)
  • Nos experts de la supply chain automobile : véhicules finis, pièces de rechange
  • Nos équipes Data Factory et Digital Factory mobilisables pour la mise en œuvre d’outils légers et adaptés au contexte
  • Nos outils Data Science dédiés à l’automobile (pricing, VO…)
  • Nos senior advisors, ex-membre de COMEX des constructeurs automobiles

Our offer

Our automotive engineering team aids manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and distributors across four primary domains:

  • Strategy and management of cost reductions
    • Developing cost models, conducting comprehensive benchmarking, identifying improvement levers, and devising performance enhancement plans.
  • Operational excellence
    • Crafting sourcing strategies and optimizing supply chain performance.
  • Digital transformation
    • Streamlining processes through digitalization (such as Robotic Process Automation and low-code applications), deploying specialized business applications, and leveraging data for business insights.
  • Data for Business
    • Curating a repository of refined use cases and providing support throughout their implementation, extending to industrialization phases. This includes initiatives like dynamic pricing, predictive maintenance, and more.

Assignments completed

Optimization of the Used Vehicle (VO) Supply Chain

A French car manufacturer called on TNP to carry out a cost reduction project in 11 countries. TNP participated in the implementation of harmonised and optimised practices for transport, inspection, storage, preparation and capillary delivery. TNP contributed to the definition of the Purchasing target by carrying out internal benchmarks and market price analyses.

What made the difference

A TNP team, located in close proximity to the client’s teams, worked on-site and utilized Data Science tools to assist end-users in achieving their desired outcomes. The algorithms were developed by TNP’s Data Factory.

New Phygital Distribution Model

On behalf of a French car manufacturer in India, TNP carried out a project to define a new distribution model in high-traffic areas (malls, main thoroughfares, etc.). After defining the business model, TNP assisted the client in defining the customer journey in the shop and integrating it into the online journey, also with the brand’s partners. The Experience Store finally opened in Mumbai in 2018.

What made the difference

The implementation of an innovative multi-channel CRM approach to integrate online and physical customer journeys. This means that geniuses can benefit directly from information about the prospect and his or her intentions, for an optimised pitch and offer.

Dynamic Pricing

TNP developed the SMART SELLING platform for a leading automotive distributor in Europe. This platform includes features such as receiving prospect data and vehicle sales, an algorithm to determine the optimal selling price based on commercial turnover objectives, and a recommendation algorithm. The platform transmits daily vehicle pricing adjustments to optimize sales.

What made the difference

Our Data Factory, with its unique expertise in dynamic pricing challenges.

Our automotive consultancy is propelled by a sincere commitment to serving our clients and shaping the businesses of the future. Everyone can easily find their role within our business working groups, our oversight unit, or in our interactions with our ecosystem (start-ups and educational institutions)

Persue our robust growth trajectory by concentrating on two areas of development:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Enhancing cross-functional collaboration to deliver TNP solutions customized to their requirements


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