Position Paper | From Instant Payments to Digital Currencies : the Future of Financial Transactions

TNP had the pleasure of attending the Dubai Fintech Summit 2024, a pivotal meeting that brought together leading technology companies and financial institutions to discuss the future of finance. The lessons learned from this summit were instrumental in identifying the key levers for efficiency and transformation, particularly in the investment banking sector.

Have you ever wondered how the tech industry shapes your everyday transactions, like paying for your morning coffee? The payments sector is rapidly evolving thanks to advanced technologies and changing demands. This transformation is crucial for corporate and investment banking (CIB), aiming to enhance transaction efficiency, security, and speed.

Discover how innovations like the SWIFT GPI service are revolutionizing cross-border payments with near-instant transactions and full transparency. Dive into the world of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and see how they could transform money markets while addressing environmental challenges.

Explore the impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies on loan syndication, secure payments with stablecoins like Circle’s USDC, and cryptocurrency regulation in Europe with the MiCA framework. Learn how giants like Ant Financial and RippleNet are innovating in B2B mobile payments and international transactions.

To learn more about these exciting transformations and understand how they are redefining the financial sector, download our full position paper. Discover how these technologies can offer tangible benefits to businesses and consumers, enhancing banks’ competitiveness and enriching the customer experience.

Download the position paper now. Enjoy your reading!

Matthieu Lebeurre Partner
Julien Benitah Partner
Axel Armand Senior Manager
Wenceslas De Slizewicz Consultant