Business excellence

Support top management in their strategic cost reduction projects.

TNP’s Business Excellence team focuses on the two major issues of top management: accelerating growth and improving profitability.

Our team helps companies:

  • Define and lead growth plans & stimulate growth;
  • Improve the competitiveness of companies, both in terms of prices and costs, as well as deadlines, services and flexibility;
  • A plan to reduce costs and improve profitability;
  • An external growth plan and post-merger integration.

TNP, an operational efficiency consultancy, conducted a study among a large number of companies, which showed that the best performing in terms of cost reduction are also those that grow the most and create the most value.

What makes TNP different? We are committed by your side, to visible results. Many companies commit to cost reduction or growth plans, but nothing appears in the income statement, and the company’s performance is not enhanced. We are focus on achieving outstanding results for our customers, which mark their history!

#Your challenges

  • Improve your profitability and reduce your WCR to finance your growth
  • Reduce your operational costs to be more competitive
  • Lead an integration after an acquisition
  • Reduce the cost of support functions: HR, IT, finance, management, quality, etc.
  • Be more responsive & agile facing the challenges of new technologies and robotization
  • Reduce the time to market of your products and services
  • Accelerate your growth to gain market share or achieve critical mass
  • Transform the company’s human capital to suit the requirements of digitalization

#Our assets

We are comitted daily to our customers to improve their Top Line or Bottom Line, based on:

  • Advanced financial analysis skills (income statement, balance sheet) to focus energies on what yields the most
  • Highly operational consultants able to integrate very quickly into your teams, so that they can build plans together
  • Consultants with strong leadership skills, able to help operational staff push their limits and surpass themselves
  • A proven OCCAM method, which will allow the Top Management as well as all managers to take a different look at their company
  • Simple and clear benefits tracking tools to support our clients through the end, namely the achievement of visible results in the income statement

“I have the powerful TNP methodology, which allows me to work everyday on clients’ strategic issues: it’s very motivating, and I always give my best!”

Karim Tizzaoui


Our main missions

Drastic improvement in profitability

A world leader in engineering called on TNP to reduce its costs. TNP improved the company’s EBITDA by €150 million in 2 years by reducing support functions, increasing the commercial aggressiveness of field teams, improving project profitability, reviewing tasks and better managing employee efficiency.

What made the difference

Very intense work at a top management level, support until the end of the cost reduction process.

Recovery & orbiting

TNP led a 3-year project for a new technologies industrial, which made it possible to go from a situation where the customer was losing 4 million cash per week, to an EBIT of 10% and a growth of 30% per year. The company’s stock market valuation has multiplied by 20 and the company is now in the SBF 120.

What made the difference

Our operational pragmatism in a conceptual engineering world.

Post-merger integration and pricing

For a major pharmaceutical company, TNP led a 3-year project that first allow the customer to merge supply chains and reduce costs. Then, TNP redefined the overall planning methodology to drastically reduce stocks while improving service; Finally, the team redefined pricing methods to drive growth.

What made the difference

In-depth work with all of the company’s stakeholders, which made it possible to focus on the real issues.

Cost optimization of distribution logistics

A luxury group trusted TNP with its transport cost reduction project. Main results: densification of pallets, redesign to cost and redesign to green of packaging boxes, improvement of the logistic performance of regional distribution warehouses and improvement of the transport performance (costs and lead time).

What made the difference

Our attention to detail and our dual analytical and business capacity have enabled us to achieve savings of several million euros.


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