TNP Consultants and ARN Consulting Announce Collaboration to Drive Operational Excellence Globally

TNP x ARN collaboration banner
14 June 2023

Paris, June, 13rd 2023. TNP Consultants and ARN have joined forces in a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing operational performance and delivering exceptional value to their clients. The partnership will enable both firms to expand their service offerings, upskill their teams, and deliver even more valuable and impactful solutions to clients across various industries.

We are excited about our collaboration with ARN, as it brings together our collective strengths and expertise to deliver exceptional value to our clients. By combining TNP’s strategic guidance and digital transformation methodologies with ARN’s Lean Manufacturing capabilities, we are well-positioned to drive operational excellence and empower organizations to thrive in today’s competitive landscape” says Damien Ferraro, partner, Manufacturing & Services, TNP.

Our partnership with TNP marks a significant milestone for ARN as we expand our reach and capabilities. By leveraging TNP’s global presence and data science expertise, we can accelerate our clients’ digital complex transformations, address cybersecurity challenges, and drive efficiency and effectiveness across their business operations everywhere. We look forward to the positive impact we will create together.” says Ricardo García, CEO of ARN.

Leveraging methodologies such as Hoshin Kanri and Total Quality Management, TNP will empower its clients to seamlessly translate strategy into action. TNP will offer guidance in designing and optimizing the operational excellence model of companies, drawing inspiration from its extensive experience with SPR (Renault Production System) and APW (Alliance Production Way).

TNP and ARN will optimize the overall equipment effectiveness of their clients through the application of lean manufacturing principles. This will lead to improved efficiency, reduced waste, and enhanced productivity within client organizations. TNP will expand its training programs on lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, providing manufacturing professionals with the necessary skills to drive operational excellence. Beyond tailor made onsite training, our customers can experience a full training experience conducted at ARN’s state-of-the-art Lean school in Valladolid, Spain, led by experienced Lean Sigma Masters with over 30 years of expertise.

The collaboration with ARN will enable TNP to enrich its operational knowledge across the aerospace and defense, heavy industry, energy and FMCG sectors. ARN’s deep understanding of these industries, coupled with TNP’s consulting excellence, will empower clients to overcome operational challenges, optimize performance, and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

ARN’s coverage will be further enhanced through TNP’s presence in three strategic regions: Europe, Africa, India & Middle East. This expanded geographical reach will enable ARN to provide seamless support to its clients, regardless of their location. ARN’s clients will tap into TNP’s expertise in data science, including machine learning, AI, and robotic process automation, to drive digital transformations and enhance customer and employee experiences. Together, ARN and TNP will empower organizations to navigate the complexities of data protection and security, ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive information.

The collaboration between TNP and ARN presents numerous benefits to both firms. By combining their work methodologies, TNP and ARN will enhance their consulting capabilities, resulting in disruptive solutions for clients. Both firms will invest in upskilling their teams, with TNP University offering training and certifications for ARN consultants, and TNP’s Lean School providing “Gold Lean Training” to its own personnel. This mutual knowledge exchange will strengthen the expertise and capabilities of both organizations, enabling them to deliver exceptional value to their clients.

For TNP, ARN’s presence in the Iberian territory, specifically Spain and Portugal, is a significant step towards achieving its vision of becoming one of the leading independent consulting firms in Europe by 2030. The collaboration with ARN will propel TNP into the international spotlight, expanding its reach and reputation as a trusted advisor and driving force behind a solid operational excellence expertise.

About ARN

ARN is a consultancy firm specialized in the design and implementation of operational excellence models and the development of improvement projects in multiple sectors. Its approach aligns Lean and Lean-Sigma based transformations with the company’s strategy by integrating the necessary agility to adapt to a changing environment. It differentiates itself through its ability to adapt solutions to the needs of each client, its pragmatic approach oriented towards sustainable results and its proven experience in the transfer of know-how.

Damien Ferraro Partner