La Poste Streamlines HR Procedures And Redefines Employee Engagement With TNP 

Groupe La Poste

As part of its strategic initiative to consolidate support services onto its ServiceNow platform, la Poste Groupe has undertaken a significant digital transformation. The group’s goal was to digitize and centralize its HR administrative procedures into a single portal. For this ambitious project, named ‘My HR Administrative Procedures’ (Mes Démarches Administratives RH, or MDARH), La Poste leveraged the expertise of TNP Consultants in managing large-scale projects and implementing change. 


Single Portal 




Administrative Processes

Throughout their careers, employees often need to submit a variety of administrative requests to their HR department: changes in address or banking information, transportation allowance requests, special assistance, and the submission of end-of-contract documents. At La Poste, these requests were previously handled through a variety of disparate methods, including email, physical mail pouches, and specialized applications. This diversity of methods made tracking requests challenging and resulted in dissatisfaction among both employees and HR managers.

The concept of revamping these processes – by simplifying, dematerializing, and centralizing them – has long been considered within the Group. Now, it is gaining significant momentum with the introduction of the Plume strategic program, which aims to create a unified platform for all internal support services in partnership with ServiceNow. The new initiative, known as MDARH (Mes Démarches Administratives RH), seeks to establish a single portal that consolidates approximately 150 administrative processes, serving the 200,000 users across all levels and roles within the “Mother House.”

The success of such an ambitious program hinges on having a clear vision and trajectory, a comprehensive strategy for managing change, and an effective organizational structure to implement the roadmap. The TNP team has taken on two principal responsibilities: the structuring of the program (including strategy, organization, methodology, and roadmap) and the management of change (comprising strategy and execution). The primary challenge in both domains is managing the extensive number of stakeholders within a complex organization, where the introduction of such a transformative solution is likely to attract attention and provoke reactions.

Clarity and simplicity: driving the program’s direction 

From the beginning, the primary objective was to define the program’s goals clearly, to reform its strategy and governance, and to ensure alignment among all participants, from the top-level sponsors to the end-users. User simplicity and enhanced productivity serve as the guiding principles for all decision-making and direction of the projects. Consequently, the portal must conceal the inherent complexities and eliminate the multitude of tools and channels that have previously compromised the user experience. Services chosen for digitization and, where applicable, automation, are selected and ranked based on their business impact. The roadmap is set to be updated annually to adapt to evolving needs and technological advancements.

Organizationally, the decision was to position HR experts at the forefront, thereby fully addressing the users’ needs and the occasionally intricate details of the domain. The TNP team aimed to develop a methodology inspired by agile principles that could be applied to each project phase, from design through to execution. Efforts were focused on organizing and optimizing interactions among the various stakeholders, such as the internal ServiceNow competency center responsible for development. “Our goal was to guarantee that everyone grasped the program’s purpose, internalized its goals, and understood their specific roles in fulfilling those objectives,” explains Gwénaëlle Ichida, Senior Manager at TNP.

Tailored change management strategy 

The stakeholder buy-in for the program is a cornerstone of the change management strategy, a vital aspect of TNP’s contribution. “The MDARH tool’s effectiveness is directly linked to its user adoption. Considering the breadth of initiatives and the extent of change, we are facilitating a significant transformation that necessitates not just buy-in but also swift assimilation,” asserts Martial Pascaud, MDARH program director and deputy director of HR solutions at Groupe La Poste.

Extensive interviews across the organizational hierarchy—including employees, managers, HR managers, and HR administrators—have uncovered various expectations, annoyances, and apprehensions. Based on these insights, the team has created tailored personas and support tools. Concurrently, key influencers who will champion this strategy are identified and engaged. A UX/UI design approach that involves users early in the process prepares them for the new system and highlights the forthcoming benefits. Furthermore, a meticulous change management system has been established, utilizing metrics such as adoption rates and site-specific usage to precisely tailor support initiatives. 

Listening-inspired approach and methodology 

Despite the pressing timeline, we opted to listen intently and plan thoroughly to preempt potential issues and smooth the implementation process,” states Guillaume Hirschi, a partner at TNP. This patient approach proved beneficial as initial pilot projects, once hindered, were completed. This built confidence and momentum, enabling TNP to support various projects, validate the methodologies, and transfer them to internal teams for independent execution. The MDARH portal was launched in April 2023, and by the end of the year, all high-priority processes had been digitized. 

The project has enjoyed overwhelming endorsement from users, evidenced by robust support, high satisfaction levels, and exceedingly positive feedback. “The TNP team showcased a profound understanding of the program’s context and adeptly navigated the complexities of our organizational, cultural, and business landscapes. Their attentiveness, agility, and dedication to our goals have been paramount,” acknowledges Martial Pascaud.

The collaboration between Groupe La Poste and TNP gained acclaim at the Syntec Conseil Grands Prix, securing the Silver Award in the Leadership and HR Management category.

Considering the breadth of initiatives and the extent of change, we are facilitating a significant transformation that necessitates not just buy-in but also swift assimilation


Martial Pascaud

Deputy Director of HR Solutions

Groupe La Poste