Sanef Revolutionizes France’S First Free-Flow Highway


To address the emerging societal challenges, Sanef has undertaken the objective of modernizing the Paris-Normandy trunk road by 2024, thus converting France’s primary motorway into a free-flow system. This significant endeavor, conducted in collaboration with TNP Consultants, aims to enhance traffic efficiency, decrease CO2 emissions, and elevate the appeal of the Île-de-France and Normandy regions.


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France’s First Free-Flow Highway

The conventional toll system now appears as an outdated obstacle rather than a necessary part of travel. In an era where electronic payments reign supreme, Sanef is exploring ways to adapt highways to contemporary demands.

Balancing Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness: Ushering in a New Era of Highway Experience

The free-flow solution emerged as the optimal choice, having been successfully implemented in various countries such as the United States, Norway, and Portugal. This transformation enables drivers to seamlessly navigate without slowing down or stopping for toll payments.

Free-flow technology enables toll collection without physical barriers. Equipped with intelligent sensors, gantries detect and identify vehicles, facilitating electronic payments. Drivers with electronic toll tags have their accounts automatically debited, while others can link their number plates to bank cards for automatic deductions. Alternatively, payments can be made online or through Sanef/Sapn partners within 72 hours of usage.

Sanef inaugurated France’s inaugural free-flow toll plaza at Boulay-Moselle on the A4 in 2019, with plans to implement free-flow technology on the 210-kilometer Paris Normandie motorway by 2024. This initiative addresses the need for smoother traffic flow on a congested route while aligning with sustainable mobility goals.

« Anticipating a paradigm shift in mobility presents a significant transformational challenge. Through this free-flow motorway project, the Sanef group aims to lead the evolution of France’s motorway infrastructure. It is foreseeable that the Paris-Normandy free-flow motorway will redefine toll collection in France », remarks Joselito Bellet, head of change management for Sanef’s free-flow project.

A Leap Forward for Motorists

The transition of the A13-A14 highway to free flow is a comprehensive, cross-functional endeavor involving the entire Sanef group. This initiative represents a substantial improvement in the driving experience for motorists.

Enhancing efficiency is a primary advantage. Motorists will no longer need to halt at tollbooths, resulting in significant time savings, particularly during peak traffic periods. Moreover, this transition aligns with environmental stewardship objectives. By minimizing stops, vehicles will consume less fuel, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Simplicity underpins this project. Automated payments streamline transactions for users, while also enhancing driver safety. Eliminating the need to select lanes and payment methods at toll plazas significantly reduces driving stress.

Earning User Trust

To ensure the seamless operation of this expansive system, Sanef enlisted TNP for technical and systems support. Since September 2022, Sanef and TNP have collaborated closely on all aspects of the project, from planning to testing.

The design phase, spanning a year, focused on system architecture strategy and assessing the feasibility of proposed solutions. The upcoming months will be equally intense, with the challenge lying in coordinating the full implementation of the free-flow system for a June 2024 launch. TNP leverages its expertise to ensure the system’s efficacy and compliance with Sanef’s standards.

The primary goal is to ensure the free-flow system can efficiently manage the traffic volume on the A13 and A14 motorways, expected to exceed 8 million customers annually. Intuitiveness and immediate usability are paramount for user adoption.

« Free flow remains relatively unfamiliar in France, but winning motorists’ trust is crucial for rapid adoption by the public. TNP is proud to collaborate with Sanef on this innovative project », remarks Johann Vadelorge, Director at TNP.

“Through this free-flow highway project, the Sanef group endeavors to play a pivotal role in reshaping France’s highway infrastructure. There is a strong likelihood that the Paris-Normandy free-flow highway will signify a milestone in the evolution of highway networks and emerge as the benchmark for toll collection across France in the foreseeable future.”

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Joselito Bellet

Head of Change Management for the Free-Flow Project