Climate risk and banks’ portfolio decarbonization: Global outlook and trends for 2023-2024


Insights from global leaders of Sustainability & Regulation Community

Decarbonizing portfolios has become increasingly important for banks as the world moves towards a low-carbon economy.

To achieve this goal, banks are being prompted to take a holistic approach to portfolio decarbonization, considering not only the carbon footprint of their investments but also the entire value chain of their financing activities.

This will require significant effort and investment, but it will also create new business opportunities in the low-carbon and sustainable financial markets.

We’ve joined forces with our partner Qorus to delve deep into the ever-evolving landscape of climate risk and its impact on the financial sector. Discover how banks worldwide are embracing decarbonization strategies to navigate the challenges posed by climate change and contribute to a sustainable future.

In this report, we summarize the key insights gleaned from events hosted by the Sustainability & Regulation Community in recent months