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Our expertise:

With more than 10 years’ experience in transport and logistics, we support the major players in the freight industry (carriers, freight forwarders, etc.) and their customers (shippers, consignees, etc.) in meeting the many challenges presented by a sector that is constantly reinventing itself. Our work is structured around three key areas: business transformation, the digital/IT dimension and regulatory issues.

#Your Challenges

After some exceptional years, market players must once again demonstrate their resilience and adaptability by continuing to deliver the best possible customer experience and improving their operational efficiency in the face of deteriorating and challenging market conditions. They have to adapt to falling demand, while facing growing complexity on all fronts: rising fuel prices, skilled labour shortages, various disruptions, the emergence of friendshoring and nearshoring…

At the same time, major investments and transformations are needed to meet the objectives set for the environment. The challenges are numerous:

  • Fully exploiting the new opportunities arising from the various acquisitions made as the market consolidated.
  • Preserving margins and seeking new sources of growth in a global context that has become highly competitive once again.
  • Achieving the sustainability targets imposed by the legal framework and demanded by customers.
  • Closing the data quality gap.
  • Implement informational excellence by modernising and developing digital tools.
  • Accelerating the optimisation of the customer experience and the efficiency and resilience of operations, in particular through predictive solutions.

#Our Assets

Our experts and ecosystem of partners have in-depth knowledge of the sector, from carriers/forwarders to port managers and shippers/consignees. We provide you with global solutions to meet your transport and logistics challenges.

  • Business transformation: We create and implement global strategies to navigate market disruption, capitalise on emerging opportunities and respond to changing customer expectations. We advise you on mergers and acquisitions, develop partnerships and digital initiatives that boost your growth and strengthen your competitiveness.
  • Supply chain and optimisation of your business model: The complexity of the supply chain is creating new challenges in terms of stock management and operational efficiency. We help you optimise and streamline your supply chain by carrying out end-to-end audits, identifying bottlenecks, designing optimised models and redesigning your logistics schemes.
  • Data-driven decision-making: In an increasingly data-driven industry, we help you harness the power of Analytics to optimise their operations and meet their customers’ needs. By leveraging Advanced Analytics, IoT solutions, automation (RPA) and AI, we enable our customers to optimise their operations, improve supply chain visibility and make informed decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Sustainable strategy and transformation: Reducing your environmental footprint and offering concrete solutions to your customers is now an absolute necessity with clear economic impacts. We design and implement sustainable practices to enable you to meet your customers’ expectations and anticipate an ambitious regulatory framework.

Our offer

Transport and logistics are complex sectors that require specialised expertise. We have developed sector-specific offers to provide you with the best possible support:

  • Cargowise End-to-End Advisory: Deploying CWO entails a profound transformation, in terms of both technology and business. We provide end-to-end support for your projects: gap analysis, selection of relevant modules, securing implementation and adoption, so that you can benefit from the full potential of CargoWise.
    Differentiator: we have developed unique expertise through our TNP SFL entity, which is platinum certified and a member of Wisetech. 
  • RTTVP End-to-End Advisory : We’ll help you choose your RTTVP (Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms) tool and implement it, so you can monitor and manage your shipments more effectively.
    Differentiator: Our customers’ experience with the main platforms gives us a good overview of use cases. Our partnership with the main platforms enables us to anticipate updates and to have internal relays to facilitate choice and implementation.
  • Development of white-label solutions: Following the identification of concrete, high-impact use cases, we co-build digital logistics solutions tailored to your needs and those of your customers.
    Differentiator: our commitment goes beyond product delivery :
    >> Our passion for innovation, combined with our sector-specific experience, enables us to conduct effective ideation and needs definition workshops, develop and prioritise your business cases, define the change management strategy and monetise/market the solutions developed.
    >> Our results-driven culture means that we regularly co-invest with our customers by setting up profit-sharing mechanisms.
  • Optimising your operations and business models: post-merger integration, reduction of DOE and SG&A, S&OP planning, logistics schema design, first/last mail logistics.
  • Sustainable logistics: assessing the carbon footprint and implementing strategies for sustainable logistics practices and servicing:
    >> Assess and then decarbonise your assets and operations in order to reduce your carbon footprint
    >> Develop services and new offers to decarbonise part of your customers’ supply chain by using low-carbon transport.
    >> Create your Extra-Financial Performance Declaration (EFPD) reports
    Differentiator: we have a detailed understanding of the sustainability issues linked to the sector, the importance of data (and its attendant complexity) and are familiar with the challenges involved in capturing it.

‘A greener supply chain: environmental issues must become second nature to everyone. The first issue concerns the materials used to make products greener. It’s important to know where the materials used in manufacturing come from and to use primary materials as much as possible.’

Sorin CIOCAN, 

Group Supply Chain & Logistics Director at Kering Kering Italia board member

Assignments completed

Supply Chain Optimisation

A major player in the luxury goods industry has embarked on a cost-cutting programme and wants to transform its transport strategy. With a view to improving distribution times and controlling budgetary constraints, the company has launched a global call for tenders for export logistics. The project involves various approaches, such as cost optimisation, benchmarks and strategic partnerships, to improve efficiency and meet the challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis.

TNP contributed to the definition of the supply target by carrying out internal benchmarks and market price analyses. 

What made the difference

TNP made effective use of its project expertise, management capabilities, analytical skills and ‘hands-on’ approach. Our team of 10 consultants possessed both analytical skills and practical experience, and TNP was able to generate significant savings. The implementation of the project resulted in a reduction in delivery times of 1 to 3 days (depending on the destination) and a 17% reduction in costs compared with the Group’s overall budget.

White Label Solutions (2022)

A leading global transport and logistics company was looking for a centralised platform to optimise purchased capacity against customer demand across global airlines, improving the efficiency of capacity buying and selling and the visibility of capacity planning operations. In addition, the company aimed to reassess its CO2 calculation tool and identify opportunities for optimisation.

TNP notably clarified the vision of the tool, certified the feasibility, proposed the development, designed the architecture and developed the mock-ups. Our Data Factory carried out the functional analysis, a quantitative study of the data and the IT audit of the future tool’s ecosystem.

What made the difference

We carried out an in-depth study of 7 use cases, identified 15 weak points and provided 18 recommendations in 3 categories: 

  • Optimisation of governance,
  • Alignment of estimates
  • Improving data quality

Creation of a predictive cockpit for shipping delays (dynamic user)

In the context of disruptions to freight activity, our tool can anticipate arrival delays (ETAs) up to 6 months in advance of vessel departure.

By offering proactive services and improving visibility, the company can effectively mitigate risks in a disrupted environment and help customers make informed decisions about their choice of carriers/logistics routes by evaluating scenarios and proposing concrete alternatives. With a machine learning database of more than 300,000 shipments covering 210 countries and territories, TNP has developed the ability to predict the day of arrival and propose alternative scenarios.

What made the difference

Our knowledge of the sector and our 100% in-house development enabled us to :

  • Develop a high-performance model (87% accuracy rate for predicting shipment delays and 73% for estimating the duration of delays)
  • Present the results in a way that makes an impact, as it was co-constructed with users
  • Ensure optimal adoption

At TNP, we are sincerely committed to serving our transport and logistics customers by introducing sustainable supply chain practices for a greener future.

Our commitment is to offer innovative, cutting-edge logistics solutions based on the latest technological advances, while striving for operational excellence to deliver the best results for our customers.

TNPSFL is a strategic collaboration between Soft Freight Logic (SFL), WiseTech’s Dubai-based Platinum Partner of Cargowise One, and TNP. SFL’s extensive experience in Supply Chain digitisation, marked by over 200 successful deployments and a range of visibility, data management, middleware and integration solutions, makes it a pioneering force in digital adoption in the sector. This partnership has been formed in response to growing global demand, extending product and service offerings to key markets and strategic customers.

TNPSFL boasts a diverse global team of more than 1,000 members across 17 countries and is backed by a substantial turnover of $120 million from its founding entities.


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