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Our know-how:

By empowering Retail, Fashion & Luxury key players, TNP revolutionize this industry by proposing and implementing tailored-made solutions, boosting operational excellence and digital transformation.

#Your challenges

As a consulting firm specialized on the Retail, Fashion & Luxury industries, we acknowledge the several challenges that companies in the sector are facing nowadays in relation to: 

  • Ability to adapt to technology trends and changes, personalizing customer experience and effectively leveraging digital tools to engage and retain customers in an increasingly competitive market
  • Integration of digital and physical experiences to provide a seamless omnichannel journey, redefining the in-store experience to meet shifting consumer expectations 
  • The flexibility of logistics channels, which has become more crucial in light of recent supply chains disruptions. Solutions such as optimizing inventory management, ensuring timely delivery of products, and establishing alternative sourcing strategies are key to mitigate risks and maintain seamless operations
  • Meeting the needs of socially conscious consumers, navigating the difficult hurdles of balancing Ethics, Sustainability, Governance and customer demands for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs
  • Inflation-related issues resulting in higher manufacturing costs, higher raw material prices, and higher operating costs. These difficulties may strain profit margins and affect the long-term growth strategy of the company

#Our assets

  • Team of 100+ consultants with a deep understanding of the Retail, Fashion & Luxury domain.  
  • Trusted providers of transformation and performance optimization programs for key leaders in the market 
  • Worldwide coverage with presence in all the main global Fashion Hubs such as Milan, Paris, Delhi, and Mumbai. 
  • Participation in top-tier industry conferences and fairs to stay abreast of new market trends. 
  • Organization of industry-related events to strengthen our positioning as industry pioneer (e.g. Histoire De Demain – HDD).  
  • With a flexible and hybrid E2E approach we provide tailored solutions to our clients, from strategy to implementation leveraging on solid knowledge of digital solutions. 

Our Offer

Our Luxe & Retail consultancy supports fashion and luxury brands in five main areas:

  • Strategy: new target operating model definition; new business models, international expansion; sustainability; customer experience
  • Operational Excellence: cost reduction; supply chain; warehousing; stock optimization; process mining; topline improvement; production; S&OP and business planning
  • Transformation Program Management: Program & Project Management; “Augmented” PMO, change management
  • Digital and Tech Transformation: ERP Transformation; digital platform; data management; data reporting and visualization; CRM; OMS/POS; WMS/TMS; Automation (RPA…)
  • Regulatory and Risks: quality & audit; data protection & GDPR; cybersecurity

Our main missions

Reduction Of Supply Chain Environmental Impact

TNP supported a French fashion brand in minimizing warehouse environmental impact by measuring carbon footprint, developing roadmaps, monitoring progress, and revising purchase criteria to promote eco-friendly practices. 

What made the difference

Dedicated team of experts in Supply Chain and IT, highly trained on environmental topics and experience in sustainability assessment and programs.  

Supply Chain And IT Ecosystem Transformation

TNP supported an important Fashion Luxury group to activate a new fully automated warehouse serving worldwide retail and wholesale network. TNP collaborated on several pillars: IT program management, supply chain optimization, warehousing management and testing… 

What made the difference

TNP leveraged on its project management, supply chain and CIO advisory knowledge to efficiently coordinate all project phases and stakeholders. 

Implementation Of A Heavy Cost Reduction Program

TNP supported a Fashion Group undertaking an extensive cost reduction program aimed at achieving substantial savings of approximately 15%. TNP’s redesign-to-cost method led to a notable 45% price reduction for wrapping material. The analysis of warehousing costs through process time measurement, along with RFI/RFQ approaches, achieved expected savings. 

What made the difference

TNP’s expertise and on-the-ground approach, along with a skilled team of 10 full-time consultants, were key assets in achieving savings. 

Implementation Of Procedure To Pay Tool

TNP assisted an Italian Jewellery Company facing complex, manual purchasing with no digital tools. The company made the strategic decision to adopt a Procure-To-Pay tool and TNP played a crucial role as the interface with the brand and the solution provider. The implementation led to significant improvements in the indirect purchasing process, fostering harmonization of processes and information throughout the organization, ultimately enhancing efficiency and productivity. 

What made the difference

Key enablers were TNP’s As-Is analysis, and consolidation of inputs for a comprehensive To-Be model. Onboarding key users and providing user-friendly training materials further maximized system‘s potential and facilitated a smooth transition, enhancing its benefits. 

Unlock your organization’s true potential through strategic transformation – Redefining success with innovative and agile approaches leveraging on hybrid team (Business + IT).

Focused on delivering real results, your success is our ultimate goal.

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