Join us for our next dinner dedicated to the CIO/COO/CDO Luxembourg, on Thursday February 1st, at Club Munster (5-7 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg)!

During this upcoming dinner, we will delve into a topic that has sparked keen interest in our recent discussions: “Committed to Change: Best Practices in Responsible Digitalization”.

Several phenomena are converging: the demand from employees for stronger environmental commitment; the incorporation of environmental criteria into tender processes; the shared understanding that IT is now a powerful lever for transforming the carbon footprints of entire companies.

  • How can responsible digitalization optimize economic performance, reduce development costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and strengthen brand image?
  • How to provide the best responses to the growing demands of legislators, customers, and investors regarding ESG criteria?
  • What strategic role can CIOs play in now incorporating environmental criteria into their decisions, as they have previously done with economic, social, or innovation factors?

Together, we will explore practical and innovative solutions to forge a future of responsible digitalization. We await your presence at this event, which promises to be as enlightening as it is inspiring.

The next dinner will be facilitated by Pedro Castilho.

The event is reserved for CIOs/COOs/CDOs (Dress code: tie for men).