Qorus x TNP | ESG disclosures

Across the various jurisdictions there is an avalanche of sustainability & ESG & Climate reporting & disclosure requirements heading towards both financial and nonfinancial corporates.

These firms have not only to collect and process a lot of new information to fill in these new disclosures but also in number of areas have to adjust their internal processes and strategies to match the expectations & requirements that come with these new reporting frameworks. Examples of such attention areas include attention to carbon footprint measurement and management,  forward looking Climate Scenario analysis and Net Zero strategy.

For banks these new disclosures on one hand represent a lot of effort to comply with but on the other hand also provide an opportunity to tap into this new source of information on their large customers that will become available as BAU and will help banks to better understand the sustainability related risks & opportunities embedded in their portfolios and large customers.

  • Adlen Bouchenafa – Partner, Director of Substainability – TNP Consultants
  • Peter Plochan– Senior Community Advisor – Qorus
  • Clotilde Bouchet – Community Leader – Qorus
  • Elena Leonardi – Head of Group Substainability – Banca Generali (Italy)
  • Patrick de Cambourg – Chair, EFRAG
  • Anne-Claire Ducrocq – Head of ESG Reporting – BNP Paribas