Position Paper | Dubaï Fintech Summit 2024: A Forward-Looking perspective for Investment Banking

TNP had the pleasure of attending the Dubai Fintech Summit 2024, a pivotal meeting that brought together leading technology companies and financial institutions to discuss the future of finance. The lessons learned from this summit were instrumental in identifying the key levers for efficiency and transformation, particularly in the investment banking sector.

TNP’s first position paper provides an introduction to the topics discussed at the Dubai Fintech Summit.

Discover a series of three articles, published weekly, on the following topics:

  • Payments: revolutionizing transaction dynamics
  • KYC: Streamlining customer intake
  • Navigating the future with “make, share or buy” decisions

Download the position paper now. Enjoy your reading!

Matthieu Lebeurre Partner
Julien Benitah Partner
Axel Armand Senior Manager
Wenceslas De Slizewicz Consultant