Position Paper | Risk Weighted Assets: Optimization Levers and Framework

In the ever-evolving landscape of the global finance, the pursuit of economic resilience is the major challenge for banks. As the banking environment has been shocked by economic issues from the late 2000s to present day, European banks are under increasing pressure to bolster their capital efficiency. Among these problematics, TNP stands at the forefront, offering strategic insights and optimization frameworks to master the complexities of Risk Weighted Assets (RWA).

The primary levers for improving capital ratios and reducing RWA include: In the dynamic realm of banking, RWA optimization emerges as a crossing for sustained resilience and profitability. TNP is poised to empower banks through this transformative journey, leveraging insights, expertise, and structured frameworks to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the pursuit of financial excellence. TNP provides diagnosis, gap analysis and supports its clients to build up concrete business cases in order to improve their capital situations.

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Sylvain Collado Partner
Sarah Mattei Senior Manager
Othmane Galzim Senior Manager
Rhita Banzi Manager