The Stories of Tomorrow | How can defence challenges inspire other businesses? | White Paper

The defence market is a concentrated market, with historically strong countries (United States and Europe) where new players, particularly from Asia, are emerging.

As part of its “Stories of Tomorrow ” editorial program (studies, white papers, viewpoints, perspectives, events), TNP’s teams regularly poll decision-makers on the major issues facing the European and global economy. For this white paper, TNP has collected the testimonies of Ashish SARAF, VP and country director – India, Thales and Sunil PRASAD, Head of Aerospace & Rail, LTTS. Here we share their thoughts on how can defence challenges inspire other businesses?

This white paper offers new perspectives on the industry of defence and its challenges. The publication is organized around three key aspects: the expert’s point of view, the market’s point of view and TNP’s point of view.

Expert’s point of view

André LANATA, senior advisor, TNP – Security context change

The market’s point of view

  • Ashish SARAF, VP and country director – India, Thales – Thales: proud of its 70 year journey in India and committed to the Aatmanirbhar Bharat vision
  • Sunil PRASAD, Head of Aerospace & Rail, LTTS – Revitalizing the defence landscape: an ER&D perspective

TNP’s point of view

  • Arun SADHEESH, managing director, TNP India – How defence strategies will inspire post-COVID economies
  • Matthieu LEBEURREpartner, TNP – Transforming A&D supply chains: navigating the aftermath of a hard landing
  • Olivier HOSTEINS, associate director, TNP – The Indian market: a powerful opportunity to rethink the approach to offsets on both side
  • Pascal ANTONINI, partner, TNP, Simon BALLOULEY, senior consultant, TNP – Conflits between states exacerbate the risk of cyberattacks on companies
  • Laurie BELLAICHE, associate director, TNP – Talent challenges in defence

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