The Stories of Tomorrow | Pathways to a Sustainable Future | White Paper

As part of its editorial program, “The Stories of Tomorrow,” TNP is launching a new forward-looking reflection in its latest white paper, “Pathways to a Sustainable Future.” This publication is the result of a collaborative effort that brought together decision-makers from national and multinational organizations (L’Oréal, A2A, ARVAL, VOLTAAGE, TANNICO).

Through the contributions of these experts, this document explores the major transformations brought about by the environmental transition on economic models. It addresses key themes such as the role of regulation, the circular economy, the evolution of business models towards sustainability, and the creation of new value chains.

This publication provides a strategic framework to help companies integrate these transformations into their day-to-day operations. It analyzes the impacts of global warming, the imperatives of regulatory compliance, and the need to move from a volume growth model to a regenerative model. Testimonials from companies showcase concrete projects that have already been implemented, highlighting the importance of rethinking customer relations and promoting a usage-based economy.

“Pathways to a Sustainable Future” is more than just a snapshot; it is a manifesto for an innovative and sustainable approach, in which the circular economy and collaboration between private and public players play a central role. It is a strategic guide, developed by TNP’s teams, aimed at transforming environmental challenges into levers for sustainable growth and preparing businesses to thrive in an uncertain future.

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