Benchmark | DPO Tools (Privacy, GDPR, IT Risks, CMP)

DPOs, Compliance Officers, CISOs and CDOs are faced with a complex and constantly changing regulatory and standards field.

In recent years, data protection has undergone considerable legislative development around the world. The number of transversal national legislations – applying to all sectors of activity such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union – has more than doubled in 15 years. And that’s not counting the states with sector-specific legislation with data protection provisions within them.

In addition, there are other regulations in Europe and the rest of the world governing the use of artificial intelligence and data security. What most of these standards have in common is the need for governance, a risk-based approach and a principle of accountability, whereby the organization must document and be able to demonstrate the measures taken to ensure compliance with legislative requirements and standards.

To comply with these regulations, roles and responsibilities need to be allocated, and actions monitored at every level of the organization and throughout the data lifecycle, whether at business, developer, CISO or compliance level.

Against this backdrop, and in view of the maturity of the market, we felt it essential to update our benchmark of DPO and IT risk management tools.

All the tools presented have reached a good level of maturity, particularly for the data processing register module. However, we feel that some are better suited to complex international organizations, while others are simpler and require no support for deployment. Finally, some publishers have chosen to position themselves as a DPO tool, while others present themselves as a «data» platform. The most important thing to start with is to properly assess your needs and your medium-term strategy.

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Florence BONNET Partner