GDPR, Data Privacy, Data Governance: Data, AI, Blockchain

Making trust a leverage for growth, TNP Consultants supports its clients in their compliance with data regulations.​

Data is at the heart of the digital transformation challenges that organizations face. TNP Consultants supports its clients in ensuring compliance with data privacy laws and regulations by design and during projects.  

#Our Expertise


  • From GDPR Compliance Audit to Roadmap Implementation 

External DPO

  • DPO function outsourcing  
  • Interim DPO 
  • DPO support 

Deletion & Anonymization

  • Feasibility study 
  • Strategy definition 
  • Process and technology roadmap 
  • Archiving solution deployment  
  • Implementation 

Data Privacy & Compliance Tools

  • Assistance in selecting a solution 
  • Setup and Deployment 

AI & Blockchain

  • Maturity Diagnosis 
  • Ethics Strategy 
  • Risk Analysis 
  • Compliance 

Data protection training

  • DPO Training
  • GDPR & Data Privacy training
  • AI Act & Ethics


  • Mapping and Data Repositories 
  • Strategy and Master Plan 
  • Governance and Data Management Solutions 
  • User Path  

Data usage

  • Customer journey and 360° data audit
  • User journey
  • Consent management
  • Responsible data
  • Data enhancement
  • Benchmarking and tool selection

Data security

  • Security Audit 
  • Information System Security Policy Third-Party Security Audit 
  • Security Risk Analysis 
  • Security by Design 

“To guarantee the success of data projects, it is necessary to know how to anticipate the evolution of regulations, to manage the change by considering data privacy and security by design, to know one’s data assets and to remain attentive to the needs of the business. 

Florence Bonnet, TNP Partner

Since 2010
GDPR & data privacy clients
Experiences as Data Protection Correspondent and then DPO
Missions in 6 years

#Your Challenges

  • Balance business needs with regulatory requirements 
  • Anticipate the impact of new regulations to guarantee the success of projects 
  • Innovate while mitigating the risks for individuals 
  • Benefit from compliance projects to optimize your IS and data governance 
  • Protect your information assets and those of your clients 
  • Upscale and automate the management and compliance processes 

#Our Assets

  • Knowledge of data regulations 
  • Numerous missions since 2010 
  • Cross-functional skills: legal, IT, security and compliance tools 
  • Multi-sector experience 
  • CIO transformation 
  • Agility 
  • Expertise on privacy and GDPR software  
  • TNP resources and accelerators 
  • A regional and international presence  

#Our Team



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