Started in 2017, TNP India is an independent firm specializing in digital, operational and business transformations. We combine sectorial experience with functional expertise, technological innovations and traditional know-how to help develop our client's culture, organization and practices. TNP India's Digital Factory support the Group's global missions with wide range of business (benchmark, Market Analysis, Financial Analysis, Technology Research, Lean management, etc.) and digital (AI, Data Science, BI, Robotic Process Automation, Salesforce, S/W Development, UI/ UX and many more) expertise."

Creation of TNP India


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Our strength

Deep knowledge of market & industry challenges
Strong digital capabilities
Ability to innovate & scale up
Bilingual Business & technologies

Our missions

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TNP India was tasked by a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of new vegetal protein for better pricing strategy for customers. TNP India designed an automated dynamic pricing tool to predict best price for each customer and product as per historical purchase pattern and market situation.

TNP designed XGBoost model using cutomer purchase, market behaviour and customer cluster to predict the win/loss probability for given price. The pricing tool will provide sku level price for each customer as per the selected probability and add-ons. Benefits: no negotiation with cutomer, win/loss rate improved with the use of personalized price, automation of the process, better tracking of the data, data error reduced.

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With a strategy to reduce costs and improve process productivity, a French car manufacturer group entrusted TNP with the development of robots to automate repetitive tasks.

Multiple use cases analysed in different domain such as Supply Chain, production, R&D.., was prioritized based on its value & then automated using Robotic Process Automation tools. TNP designed bots to automate both front office and back office processes. The project success resulted in TNP conducting multiple workshops with the Group to identify more opportunities.

Benefits :
Cost reduction (net > 70%), significant process improvements, redeployment of resources to higher value functions, improved compliance,Improved productivity, without changing the existing Systems Automations were made.

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For the Quality Department of a French car manufacturer, TNP carried out a network quality audit for the network in order to assess the adherence of network partners to the processes and to improve the customer experience in the dealerships. TNP India began its mission in 2018 in India and since 2020, the firm has accompanied four other countries: the United Kingdom, India, Turkey and Egypt.

TNP has developed a team of experienced automotive process assessors who have deep knowledge of client's standard and policies. In last 2 years, TNP India has visited over 250 dealerships and in 2020, we have a global target of approximately 300 dealerships.

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